Cheek retractor for Invisalign® Virtual Care - UK

Cheek retractor is designed to facilitate capturing photos of your teeth for Invisalign® Virtual Care. Read the instructions for use here.
Maximum quantity allowed is 5 units

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How to use Invisalign Cheek Retractor


Hold the handles and squeeze inward.


Ease curved edges into mouth, then gently release.


Slowly close you jaw once the device is in place.


To remove the device, hold the handles, squeeze inward and pull out. This device should be cleaned with soap and warm water before first use and each use thereafter.

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Partner for Virtual Care

Invisalign Virtual Care is a solution that allows you to stay virtually connected with your Invisalign provider. The Invisalign Virtual Care patient pouch includes information on how to get started with Invisalign Virtual Care along with one medical grade cheek retractor. This cheek retractor is designed to optimize the intra-oral photos and video you share with your doctor. The pouch also includes care and use instructions and is a convenient place to store your cheek retractor when not in use.


Made with medical grade plastic (not natural rubber latex).