Invisalign® Mandibular Advancement Clear Aligner Case

This spacious case keeps your Invisalign aligners with precision wings secure at home and on the road. 
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Maximum quantity allowed is 5 units

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Why Invisalign® aligner cases


Invisalign® aligner cases are made specifically for your Invisalign® aligners.


No risk of leaching hazardous chemicals from Invisalign® aligner cases to your Invisalign® aligners.


Invisalign® aligner cases are made from medical grade thermoplastic materials.


Invisalign® aligner cases will not cause discoloration of Invisalign aligners.

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This slim, modern Invisalign® case now comes in multiple colors.

Each case comes in a black drawstring pouch to carry your oral hygiene essentials such as floss, chewies, toothpaste and travel toothbrush.

The case keeps your Invisalign® aligners and Vivera retainers secure at home and on the road.

A magnetic closure ensures the case is securely fastened. The textured liner helps to minimize slipping and moving inside.

Spacing behind the hinge allows for ventilation.